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Drain cleaning and maintenance often goes unnoticed until the dreaded block happens. DIY solutions may work first time but are often a temporary fix and a little while later you have a blocked drain again. We use what is called a snake which enters into the drain and then pulls out whatever is causing the blockage, preventing the blockage from happening again soon. Drain cleaning and maintenance includes:

  • Kitchen and bathroom sinks

  • Toilets

  • Drain pipes

  • Faucets

  • Baths and showers

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The networks in commercial buildings are much more complex and require licensed plumbers to repair any problems. Commercial plumbing needs can get expensive, but if the plumbing problem is taken care of the right way the first time, it can actually save you money, time, and effort. Our experience includes:

  • Hospitals

  • Restaurants

  • Insurance

  • Corporate

  • Apartments

  • Churches

  • Shopping Centres

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There are many factors to consider when remodeling and plumbing is a critical one. For kitchens you may want to add an extra sink or an island sink. Island sinks require loop vents. Your oven may require a gas line. Washing machines seem to invite problems with drains, hoses, and mechanical breakdowns. Those problems usually result in a flood and water damage so correct placement is key and the right plumbing prevents these problems.



There are 2 types of solar geysers: 

  • Direct systems which pump water into the solar panels. The water then is heated and stored in the geyser.

  • Indirect systems use a specially designed type of anti-freeze, which circulates through solar panels to heat the water, which then flows to a geyser.

The initial cost of a solar geyser may seem high but the investment pays off over time as you save on your electricity bill. Solar geysers absorb heat from the suns radiation and not its direct heat, so solar geysers provide hot water all year round. We are certified by the PCD college.




Water heat pumps look a lot like air conditioning units. Water flows into the unit, is heated and then stored in your existing geyser where the water is kept hot due to the geysers insulation properties. Heat pump systems are estimated to use a third or less of electricity previously used by your geyser. There are various models that range from 100 litres to 500 litres. 

Commercial building regulations XA2 now require at least 50% of the annual average hot water heating requirements to come from a means other than electrical resistance heating. Commercial heat pumps are one of the ideal solutions for businesses to consider




Leaks can often go unnoticed until they cause major damage and cost you thousands of Rands in repairs. How to find a leak? 

  • Listen for drips

  • Look for rust or water puddles

  • Increase in your water bill

  • A moldy smell

  • Water marks on walls or ceilings

We ensure a thorough pipe inspection is done to find the true source or sources of leaks to ensure you do not have to have on going hassles and costs associated with your leaking pipes. 




Save not only our most valuable resource but save money too when you start to use rainwater in your home or business. Rainwater can be used for cleaning, watering as well as drinking if a filtration system is installed. Many businesses are harvesting rainwater for irrigation of their gardens and grey water for their toilet facilities. You can calculate how much water your will harvest by taking your municipal rain fall (mm) and multiply it by your roof surface area (m2)

Plant & Irrigation System



Irrigation systems allow one to control the amount of water a plant gets at needed intervals to ensure they grow. There are 4 types of irrigations systems:

  1. Surface

  2. Sprinkler

  3. Drip/Trickle

  4. Subsurface

The installation of a good irrigation is critical and requires experience when it comes to joints, pumps, fixtures and timers.  In conjunction with a rainwater harvesting system, irrigation systems can save you time and money. 



We pride ourselves on a high level of workmanship, courtesy and customer service. We accurately diagnose the problem and ensure it is fixed the first time. We are a family run business and so we like to ensure our clients feel like family when they deal with us. We can handle any plumbing needs you many have from water leaks, clogged drains to kitchen or bathroom renovations.  



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