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From concept to completion

A solution driven, service focused approach to shop fitting is what sets Retail Store Aid apart from the rest. With more than 20 years in the industry, Grant seeks to bring back craftsmanship through his experience and hands on approach. Grant has multi sector knowledge in both office furniture manufacture and all aspects associated with shop fitting, project management and manufacturing


During his career Grant noticed a change in the industry where mass production became the focus while attention to detail and client service suffered, especially for clients who were not mass producing their shop units. With this knowledge, Grant has set out to provide turnkey solutions to all clients, no matter their size, with attention to detail and great client service.


Retail Store Aid or RSAid was started in 2016 by Grant. The clients RSAid service range from large international brands such as Belgotex Floors, Europcar Rental, Husqvarna, to smaller niche retailers such as Moffat Optical, Danneberg Optometrist and Inky Shop, to name but a few.

RSAid through selected partnerships is able to provide turnkey solutions to clients. With a focus on providing the right solution at the right price, RSAid also works with smaller business in order to help them grow. 


For service you can rely on and design and craftsmanship you can be proud to have your brand on, contact RSAid for a consultation on your next project.

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Tel: 082 371 4432 

We are based in Pietermaritzburg but operate nationally



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